Founded in 1991, Micro Commercial Components Corp. (MCC) is a manufacturer of high-quality discrete semiconductors to the consumer markets. MCC's products include diodes, rectifiers, transistors, MOSFETs.
  • Diodes: Zener Diodes, Pin Diodes, Bridge Rectifiers, Switching Diodes, High Voltage, Rectifier, High Efficient Rectifier, Fast Recovery Rectifier, High Voltage Fast Recovery, Rectifier, Germanium Diodes,Schottky Barrier Rectifiers, Standard Recovery Rectifiers, Small Signal Schottky Diodes, Ultra Fast Recovery Rectifiers, Super Fast Recovery Rectifiers
  • Transistor: Small Signal Bipolar Transistors, Medium Power Bipolar Transistors, Pre-biased Transistor, Voltage Regulator, Small Signal MOSFETS, Medium MOSFETS
  • Protection Devices: TVS, DIAC, Thermisters, ESD Protection Device