Excelpoint and Digilent join hands in launching Academic Program and discounted pricing for qualified academic customers.



Digilent Academic Program targets Electrical and Computer Engineering programs across the world. The program enables universities to gain access to the latest technologies from Digilent and our technology partners like Analog Devices.  Many Digilent products have special discounted pricing for qualified academic customers.



In the academic world, the current pandemic has manifested as an unplanned pivot to remote learning. We know that switching to remote teaching can add a financial weight, so if you are an educator or a student experiencing this shift, we’d like to extend an offer to help to take the load off of you.


To check your eligibility for the special academic pricing, please contact the following:


Singapore, ASEAN & India:



Digital Discovery for Logic Design


Digital Discovery High Speed Adapter and Logic Probes for System Design

Zybo Z7-10 / Zybo Z7-20 SoC Platform for Embedded Systems and Digital Signal Processing

Zybo Z7-10 / Zybo Z7-20 SoC Platform for Embedded Systems and Digital Signal Processing

Nexys A7-50T / Nexys A7-100T FPGA Trainer Board for Computer Architecture and Advanced Digital Design

Basys 3 Artix A7 FPGA Trainer Board for Digital Design


Along these years, many educators around the world have successfully adopted Digilent tools in the class.

Learn more success stories at Digilent Blog.




Learning Resources


Tutorials, Example Projects and Getting Started Guide at Digilent Wiki


Real Analog for Circuit 1

“Real Analog” is a comprehensive collection of free educational materials that seamlessly blend hands-on design projects with theoretical concepts and circuit analysis techniques. Real Analog has the equivalent content of a university level introductory circuits course. Developed for university circuits classes by practicing engineers and experienced educators in conjunction with Analog Devices, Real Analog is centered on a newly-updated 12-chapter textbook.


Embedded Systems with PIC32MX370 and Basys MX3

Free and open-source coursework, including 7 in-depth teaching units and 15 complete labs. The Basys MX3 is a versatile MCU trainer board ideal for learning or teaching introductory embedded systems courses.


Test the MEMS Accelerometer


Debug your embedded design. Look at the Xilinx Zynq boot sequence:


Posted on 23 Jun 2020