Meridian Innovation

Meridian Innovation is a pioneering developer of advanced CMOS Thermal Imaging solutions with operations in Hong Kong, Singapore, USA and UK. Its patented SenXor™ CMOS Thermal Imaging technology, which enables mass producible LWIR products for consumer and commercial applications, will promote safer and better living.

Products Offering:

Based on a unique, patented CMOS compatible process, Meridian's line of low cost thermal sensors will be offered in a proprietary Wafer Level Vacuum Package. 

SenXor™ - Patented CMOS Hybrid thermal sensing architecture & proprietary Wafer Level Vacuum Package (WLVP)

Bobcat Module - High-Definition, Cost-Effective and Compact Thermal Imaging Camera Module

MI48A2 TiP - MI48A2 Thermal Image Processor

Bobcat EVK - MI0801 Camera Module USB Evaluation Kit

Raspberry Pi HAT Kit - MI0801 Camera Module Rasberry Pi Evaluation Kit

X-PRO - Smart Phone Thermal Camera Attachment. A low cost adapter for your Android or iPhone that contains both a visual and thermal sensor.