People Counting Technology
Integrating ADI EagleEye™ Adds Intelligence to Your Solutions

ADI EagleEye™ enables a complete end-to-end, edge-based hardware and software technology solution for occupancy monitoring in buildings. The people counting system allows easy integration so you can solve higher complexity customer problems within your existing models. 

The system data collection unlocks informed insights and analytics with an accurate, secure people counting capability. This data can provide the insight needed to improve asset and people management, social distancing, security, employee engagement, space utilization, labor productivity, and energy efficiency.

ADI EagleEye™ for a Better World

Better for you and better for your customers

The easy integration of our secure people counting technology allows compatibility with many other sensors. Our software will easily integrate into your existing products and has the capability to be easily updated in the field with over the air communication for continuous innovation.

Be a great corporate citizen, cut CO2 emissions

The powering of buildings is responsible for about 28% of global energy-related CO2 emissions1. With changes in consumer demand, increasing greenhouse gases and atmospheric temperature, and an exploding number of connected devices, global demands on energy see no end in sight. ADI’s advanced people counting system can decrease electricity use and increase building efficiency.

Increase employee wellbeing and safety through better air quality

In addition to reduced energy usage, the ADI EagleEye™ people counting system enables increased employee wellbeing through added comfort. People spend 90% of their time indoors2, so those spaces must be optimized for maximum comfort and health. When space is designed more intelligently and used more efficiently, it improves worker wellness and happiness, leading to improved productivity.

Making buildings more efficient with energy based on demand

Lighting and HVAC consume 64% of energy in buildings.3 Having insight about usage and the number of people in defined spaces enables building managers to make better-informed decisions, such as decreasing lighting or HVAC needs based on decreased demand.

ADI EagleEye™ Features & Benefits

Real-Time, Accurate Data

Add our people counting system’s robust reporting capabilities to your solutions. We offer the fastest processing speed and highest accuracy so you can always trust the data.

Secure and Private

At no point does ADI EagleEye™ reveal personally identifiable information. Images are always analyzed only at the sensor edge, ensuring 100% privacy and security.

Easy Integration

Our flexible solution can integrate seamlessly into your systems across many different suppliers. ADI EagleEye™ can merge into your software platform for an uninterrupted experience.

Scalable with Low Bandwidth

Low power and bandwidth requirements allow multiple devices to efficiently operate on the same network, so your customers can monitor their space from any location. Additionally, the over the air updates enable a complete sensor-to-cloud platform.

Informed Insights and Added Value

Room occupancy insights enable informed adjustment of energy-consuming lighting and HVAC systems, saving the environment while helping your customers and adding additional capabilities to your existing systems and solutions.

ADI EagleEye™ Applications

Meeting Room People Counting Technology

The typical utilization rate of office space is just 39%. Helping your customers understand how their meeting rooms are being utilized (or lack thereof) is key to optimizing space and energy efficiency. 

ADI EagleEye™ enables utilization scores for different rooms. If one area is always empty and others are overloaded, your customers can use the empty area to add meeting rooms. They can also estimate air flow and check lighting conditions for optimal comfort and health.

Secure and Private

Every square foot of your customer’s workspace is valuable, and with ADI EagleEye™ you can help them ensure it is being used properly. With desk occupancy sensing, the system can calculate average utilization rates, person to desk ratios, and much more.

All of these features also help companies who use hot desks optimize their setup.

ADI EagleEye™ Hardware and Software

ADI EagleEye™: A Complete People Counting System

ADI EagleEye™ enables a complete, end-to-end hardware and software solution to help solve your customers occupancy challenges. With our proprietary algorithm and advanced Blackfin® processor, you can easily improve your existing solutions by allowing customers to elevate the efficiency of their spaces, while maintaining security and privacy. From meeting rooms to cafeterias, and lobbies to open desk people counting, ADI EagleEye™ is there to solve workspace needs and maximize worker wellbeing and productivity.

Complete Edge-based Image Sensing Solution with Eagle Eye

2D imaging-based occupancy detection and people counting solution with edge analytics. Ideal for space optimization, lighting and energy savings.

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