Power Management

Analog Devices’ Power by Linear™ power management ICs and power modules provide the foundation for powering today’s and tomorrow’s innovations across all markets. Our high performance power management solutions meet stringent power requirements with leading-edge design and packaging technologies, including unmatched power densities, ultralow noise technology, and superior reliability. These features ensure systems operate at their optimal efficiency, speed, and power levels, while increasing feature density and reducing cost of ownership. Supported by the industry’s most comprehensive start-to-finish power design tool suite, along with highly configurable power interconnect solutions, ADI’s low complexity power management solutions help our customers accelerate time-to-market while delivering best-in-class performance.


  • Battery Management
  • Current Sources
  • Energy Harvesting
  • Inductorless (Charge Pump) DC/DC Converters
  • isoPower
  • LDO Linear Regulators
  • LED Driver IC
  • PMIC & Multifunction
  • Power Control 
  • Supercapacitor Chargers 
  • Switching Regulators 
  • µModule Regulators

Power Management Products

pA Metering Module (EPSH-PAM2.0)

Accurate weak current signal measurement is one of critical parts for various scientific analytical equipment, environmental monitoring, and process control, which is the great challenges to design engineers especially when the weak current signal reaching pA or even fA level. Our new upgrading pA Metering Module (EPSH-PAM2.0) will provide the users an easier way to evaluate the system performance, and to validate their prototype development.
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LT3950 | 60V, 1.5A LED Driver with Internal Exponential Scale Dimming

The LT3950 is a multitopology DC/DC converter designed specifically to drive high current LEDs. It contains a 1.5A, 60V DMOS switch and supports an external PWM dimming PMOS. The LT3950 has an internal PWM generator for dimming that maps an analog control signal to an exponential scale used to define PWM dimming duty ratio. Using an exponential scale to define duty ratio preserves dimming resolution across a wide range of LED current. In addition to operating as a constant current source, the LT3950 also provides output voltage regulation. This can be used to prevent damage to the part in case of open LED events. A programmable switching frequency offers flexibility in design for higher efficiency or reduced component size. Enabling spread spectrum frequency modulation reduces EMI. The switching frequency can also easily be synchronized by driving the SYNC/SPRD pin with an external clock. LED current is programmed with a single external sense resistor and can be adjusted from zero to full-scale by an analog signal at the CTRL pin.

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LT8604 | High Efficiency 42V/120mA Synchronous Buck

The LT8604 is a compact, high speed synchronous monolithic step-down switching regulator that delivers up to 120mA with high efficiency at constant switching frequency, even up to 2.2MHz. It accepts a wide input voltage range up to 42V, and consumes only 2.5μA of quiescent current. Top and bottom power switches are included with all necessary circuitry to minimize the need for external components. Low ripple Burst Mode operation enables high efficiency down to very low output currents while keeping the output ripple below 10mVP-P.


ADA4530-1 | Femtoampere Input Bias Current Electrometer Amplifier

The ADA4530-1 is a femtoampere (10−15 A) level input bias current operational amplifier suitable for use as an electrometer that also includes an integrated guard buffer. It has an operating voltage range of 4.5 V to 16 V, enabling it to operate in conventional 5 V and 10 V single supply systems as well as ±2.5 V and ±5 V dual supply systems. 


AD7124-4 | 4-Channel, Low Noise, Low Power, 24-Bit, Sigma-Delta ADC with PGA and Reference

The AD7124-4 is a low power, low noise, completely integrated analog front end for high precision measurement applications. The device contains a low noise, 24-bit Σ-Δ analog-to-digital converter (ADC), and can be configured to have 4 differential inputs or 7 single-ended or pseudo differential inputs. The onchip low gain stage ensures that signals of small amplitude can be interfaced directly to the ADC.


AD7606C-18 | 8-Channel DAS with 18-Bit, 1 MSPS Bipolar Input, Simultaneous Sampling ADC

The AD7606C-18 is an 18-bit, simultaneous sampling, analog-to-digital data acquisition system (DAS) with eight channels. Each channel contains analog input clamp protection, a programmable gain amplifier (PGA), a low-pass filter (LPF), and an 18-bit successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The AD7606C-18 also contains a flexible digital filter, a low drift, 2.5 V precision reference, a reference buffer to drive the ADC, and flexible parallel and serial interfaces.


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