What’s New in Vitis AI 2.5

The Vitis™ AI development environment is a development platform for artificial intelligence (AI) inference on AMD-Xilinx hardware platforms such as FPGAs, adaptive SoCs, and Alveo™ data center accelerator cards.

In this webinar, we introduce new features in the latest 2.5 release, including:

  • New convolutional neural network (CNN) and non-CNN algorithm models
  • AI quantizer updates and model inspector
  • Expanded support for new frameworks and walkthrough of the in-framework inference flow WeGO
  • New functions for the edge-end and data center deep learning acceleration engines

We dive into key features, examples, and technical resources to help developers accelerate AI innovation on AMD-Xilinx hardware platforms. Attend this webinar to discover what’s new in the Vitis AI 2.5 and get tips and techniques from technical experts.


Bingqing Guo

SW & AI Product Marketing Manager

AMD Xilinx

Fan Zhang

AI Specialist

AMD Xilinx