As a leading regional electronics distributor in Asia Pacific, we bring with us 35 years of industry experience and market intelligence to help our manufacturers, customers and ecosystem partners solve their most complex technology and business challenges.

Whether you are a hardware deep-tech startup looking to scale, a customer with unique product requirements, an electronics manufacturing service (“EMS”) provider facing supply chain challenges or a policy maker looking for urban planning solutions, we can help you.

We are well-positioned as a total solutions provider offering a range of value-added services – from logistics management to custom module solutions, and field applications support. What sets Excelpoint apart is our strong innovation culture and continual nurturing of our engineering capabilities that have enabled us to come up with design wins for our customers that spur market demand for their products.

Over the years, we have built up a robust portfolio of R&D capabilities, including a state-of-the-art far field voice technology (“FFVT”) acoustics lab to drive product innovation in the fields of advanced artificial intelligence (“AI”) speech recognition, intelligent internet-of-things (“IoT”) sensors, industrial robotics, power management, 5G and wireless solutions, consumer electronics and more for our customers, helping them to bring cutting-edge technologies to the markets in the shortest time possible.

What our partners say

Excelpoint team supported us on the design and development of a module custom solution for an elderly care product that meets a very special set of requirements. The product proved to be a great success and Excelpoint’s assistance in the supply chain, also greatly shortened our runway to market for our product launch.

K.K. Liew

CEO and Co-Founder, Daviscomms Pte Ltd

"Excelpoint team provides exceptional support to service Ambiq customers, working with them to understand their stringent technical requirements and coming up with numerous workarounds to enable their successful product delivery – from development to commercialisation."

Tan Yew Boon

Sales Director, Ambiq

"By being an ecosystem partner through PlanetSpark Innovation Centre, we are able to access Excelpoint’s sales channels, business networks and R&D facilities that give our startup a much higher chance of bringing our technology solutions to the markets."

Hock Leow

CEO and Co-founder, Meridian Innovation