Research & Development

Acoustics Lab

Our far field voice technology (“FFVT”) Acoustics Lab was set up in 2018 in our Singapore Headquarters, in collaboration with our manufacturing partners and Enterprise Singapore. This lab marks another industry first for Excelpoint as this state-of-the-art facility was known as a first-in-Singapore initiative, to help our Singapore and global customers drive market demand for advanced voice-activated smart appliances such as audio devices and vehicle navigation. 

The lab is housed in a semi-anechoic chamber, which is a shielded echo-less enclosure that blocks out interferences from echoes, sounds and electromagnetic fields. The controlled conditions within the chamber will allow audio tuning and acoustic signal measurement to be performed accurately during the product validation phase. 

Our lab is well-equipped to conduct:

  • Performance validation of far field speech recognition in smart home applications and AI-powered devices 
  • Calibration and characterization of speakers and microphones
  • Audio tuning of active noise cancellation headphones

Technical specification of our acoustics facility:

  • Chamber out dimension: 6500L x 4000W x 2550H (mm)
  • Chamber inner dimension: 4900L x 2400W x 1840H (mm)
  • Noise floor: <20 dB (A)
  • Cut-off frequency: 250 Hz
  • Free field accuracy and range: Free field includes all the chamber space that is 0.35 metre away from wedges, frequency range: 250-200000 Hz
  • Standards: 1503745, GB6882, ISO 7779