Research & Development

R&D Facilities

At Excelpoint, we have R&D centres located in Singapore, China and Vietnam with advanced lab facilities and instruments to support our customers in developing various technical solutions  from reference designs to turn-key solutions. 

With our excellent track record working with leading global brands and our principals in wireless communication, multimedia technologies, advanced manufacturing solutions and Internet-of-Things (“IoT”), our experienced R&D team is ready to partner with you to bring your next generation product ideas to markets.

We offer the following R&D capabilities:

  • Humidity & Temperature Test Chamber
  • Electrostatic Discharge Tester
  • Black Body Calibrators
  • Ball Grid Array (“BGA”) Rework Station
  • Wi-Fi Tester
  • Bluetooth Tester
  • Acoustics Lab (Semi-anechoic audio room)


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