Technical Engineering Support

More about Technical Engineering Support

At Excelpoint, our customers’ successes are our successes. We are here to support you at every stage of the product development cycle so that you can have the first mover’s advantage in the highly competitive marketplace.

Excelpoint’s team of experienced professional engineers bring with them deep industry know-how and market knowledge that span across different fields of specialisation that include software engineering, hardware circuit design, power control management, wireless communications, embedded systems and artificial intelligence.

Our field application engineers (“FAEs”) are well-versed in various design architectures and industry standards for your product requirements. With Excelpoint’s broad range of industry-leading line cards, we can help you find the right tools and integration solutions for your end product, as well as connecting you to reliable third-party partners and walk you through the production process right up to product qualification and market deployment.

Below are the engineering services provided by our FAE team :

  • Circuit layout and design review and troubleshoot
  • Product and technology training
  • Guide and support validation testing and product qualification
  • Support and review system-level integration
  • Support proof-of-concept and prototyping services
  • Support firmware and software development and debugging
  • Reference designs and tools

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