Logistics and Warehouse

More about Logistics and Warehouse

At Excelpoint, we offer supply chain logistics solutions that help our customers be more nimble and agile in responding to dynamic market changes. Together, we willwork with you to deliver high quality standards and exceptional customer experience for your market needs.

Warehouse Storage and Transportation Services

By choosing to outsource warehouse storage and transportation services to Excelpoint, customers can eliminate overhead and investment costs, while being able to scale their distribution models much more easily. Our warehouse services also include packing, repackaging and custom labelling services.

Inventory Management Services

Excelpoint helps customers deliver optimised inventory by providing Vendor Managed Inventory (“VMI”) and Just-in-Time Inventory programs. Under these programs, customers are assured of operations continuity and reduced risk exposure when they encounter demand or lead time variations.

We work closely with our customers to understand their unique business requirements and challenges. Our dedicated team will then conduct an in-depth analysis of workflows to evaluate trends and risk factors before customising a solution that minimises inventory wastage and delays.

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