Excelpoint Celebrates a Triumph at HR Excellence Awards 2023


29 Sep 2023 – An air of celebration filled The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore as Excelpoint proudly accepted its first-ever Bronze Award for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy.

Into its 11th edition, the HR Excellence Awards 2023 featured organizations hailing from the Asia Pacific and the Middle East, all competing across 36 categories, ranging from talent acquisition and workforce engagement to leadership cultivation and staff retention.

This recognition at the HR Excellence Awards 2023 is a testament to our dedication and effective implementation of ethical practices, sustainability, and social impact. The CSR initiatives have yielded positive outcomes not only for the organisation itself but also for its stakeholders.

“Making Everyone’s Life Better”

Through resource efficiency and conservation, we have been reducing the negative effects of our business activities on the environment such as waste and energy. With our donations and employee volunteerism, we want to strengthen our connections with the community to assist the needy. It is our commitment to focus on helping children and youths in building the next generation. While our efforts may not be extraordinary, we are driven by the conviction that every extra mile we take, can instigate significant change, irrespective of the scale.

Our achievement underscores the notion that even small actions, driven by passion and commitment, can lead to significant positive outcomes for both organizations and society as a whole. Excelpoint’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility shines as a beacon of inspiration, setting a remarkable example for businesses around the world.

Read more about our CSR efforts: https://www.excelpoint.com/corporate-social-responsibility-csr/

The team that witnessed the glorious night

The winning smiles