PlanetSpark Launches Flagship Single Board Computers To Accelerate Smart Vision AI Applications in Smart Sustainable Cities

The PlanetSpark flagship PSX series of SBCs serve to plug the hardware design gap that would enable commercial developers to shorten product design cycles and the runway to market for rapid deployment of Edge‐based vision AI solutions.

Singapore, 13 July 2021 – PlanetSpark Pte. Ltd., (“PlanetSpark”) the entrepreneurial and strategic investment arm of SGX mainboard‐listed Excelpoint Technology Ltd¹ (“Excelpoint”), today announced the release of its flagship PSX series of Single Board Computers (“SBCs”) named PSX4 and PSX7, respectively. The SBCs are specially designed as a unified AI supplement platform – from development to integration, targeting smart vision AI applications that can support infrastructure development, security and health surveillance, traffic enforcement, facilities management and vision guided automation, all relevant to Smart Sustainability, Smart Building and Smart Healthtech industry sectors. With pre‐installed software stack, the high performance PSX SBCs are much faster to set up and are capable of edge‐to‐cloud scalability and low latency real‐time multi‐feed video inferencing that conserve battery life. This powerful middleware technology platform serves to plug the hardware design gap that would enable commercial developers to lower the barriers to entry and shorten the runway to market for deploying Edge‐based vision AI solutions.

Ms Phuay Li Ying, Managing Director of PlanetSpark, said, “I am delighted and proud to unveil our PlanetSpark flagship PSX series of SBCs that feature a PlanetSpark‐exclusive middleware that we designed and built together with our principal, Xilinx, Inc. This technology has enabled us to strengthen our relationships with our ecosystem partners such as our principals and business networks. We hope to progressively grow our portfolio of technology platforms, as well as collaborate with more principals and innovative startups to tackle real‐world problem statements that can make an impact. I believe the PSX SBCs will be a game changer and a force multiplier in powering the future of Smart Sustainable Cities.”

PlanetSpark will be holding a virtual product launch live streaming event on 27 July 2021, 10.00 ‐ 11.15am, Singapore time, to introduce the PlanetSpark PSX SBC series. For more information, visit‐possible/ to learn more. The PlanetSpark PSX4# and PSX7# SBCs are priced at USD699 and USD899, respectively. Both are available now!

#: The key highlights of the PlanetSpark PSX series of SBCs are summarised below:

Image: PlanetSpark PSX series of Single Board Computers

• Shortening runway to market with PlanetSpark‐exclusive middleware

Both the PSX4 and PSX7 SBCs come pre‐installed with PlanetSpark‐exclusive middleware that allows the developers to tap on Xilinx’s library of pre‐trained object‐detection AI models for rapid development and prototyping. The middleware helps end‐customers accelerate and greatly simplify their design and productization cycle that can shorten the runway to market by up to nine months.

• High performance at lowest system power

Both the PSX4 and PSX7 SBCs are powered by the Xilinx Zynq®UltraScale+ ™ MPSoC that features a proprietary multicore architecture that gives the SBCs the speed and superior performance to effectively balance AI workloads while conserving power.

With the SBC’s high real‐time AI computation capability per watt, developers can now develop vision AI applications with up to 3X higher performance and at much lower latency and power consumption compared to graphics processing unit (“GPU”) based cloud computing solutions.

Another benefit of PlanetSpark’s Edge computing SBC solution is that the risks of data security breaches are mitigated since sensitive information can be processed locally without having to stream them to the cloud.

• Adaptable for different environments

The PSX SBCs come with an extension header on board, which is outfitted with multiple interfaces and peripheral options that make the SBCs highly configurable to adapt to any type of externally connected sensors in the environment.

• Production‐ready development kit

The feature‐rich PSX SBC integrated platform significantly reduces the time, costs, risks and complexity in developing accelerated smart vision AI applications. PlanetSpark SBC users will be well‐supported with step‐by‐step walkthroughs and software updates to guide them in their product development journey.

About PlanetSpark Pte Ltd

PlanetSpark Pte Ltd (“PlanetSpark”) is the entrepreneurial and investment arm of Excelpoint Technology Ltd. (“Excelpoint”), investing in, supporting and collaborating with promising early‐ to mid‐stage startups which have commercially viable technologies and products in Singapore and Asia that are related to the Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and Internet of Things (“IoT”) ecosystem. PlanetSpark seeks to enable new market opportunities in hardware innovation and technology within the ecosystem with our investments and resources.

PlanetSpark Innovation Centre is a go‐to‐market hardware accelerator in Asia for technopreneurs specialising in the AI and IoT arena to accelerate their technology innovations and enable them to make a fluid transition from proof‐of‐concept to production and commercialisation through our hardware platforms.

Tapping on Excelpoint’s extensive business networks and market knowledge across Asia Pacific, we strive to forge collaborative and innovative partnerships within our field.

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About Excelpoint Technology Ltd.

Excelpoint Technology Ltd. and its subsidiaries are a leading regional business‐to‐business platform providing quality electronic components, engineering design services and supply chain management to original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”), original design manufacturers (“ODMs”) and electronics manufacturing services (“EMS”) in the Asia Pacific region. EBN, a premier online community for global supply chain professionals, recognised Excelpoint Technology Ltd. as one of its Top 25 Global Electronics Distributors in 2017.

Excelpoint works closely with its principals to create innovative solutions to complement its customers’ products and solutions. Aimed at improving its customers’ operational efficiency and cost competitiveness, the Group has set up research and development centres in Singapore and China that are helmed by its dedicated team of professional engineers.

Established in 1987 and headquartered in Singapore, Excelpoint’s business presence spans more than 10 countries across Asia Pacific with a workforce of more than 650 people from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

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¹ Excelpoint Technology Ltd is a leading regional B2B business platform providing quality electronic components with integrated R&D capabilities. Excelpoint has been an integral part of the global electronics technology value chain for more than 30 years.