Key features

  • AEC-Q100 Grade 2 Temperature Range : -40°C to +105°C
  • Operating Voltage from 9V to 65V
  • Ultra-Low-Power Operation: Standby Mode: 2mA, Shutdown Mode: 2μA
  • 12 Cell-Voltage-Measurement Channels: 2mV Accuracy (3.6V, +25° C), 5mV Accuracy (0°C to +45°C), 10mV Accuracy (-40°C to +105°C)
  • 12 Cell-Balancing Switches: Up to 150mA per Switch, Emergency-Discharge Mode
  • Two Temperature-Measurement Channels
  • Die Temperature Measurement
  • Automatic Thermal Protection
  • 29 Voltage Threshold Alerts
  • Four GPIOs
  • Built-in Diagnostics to Support ASIL D and FMEA Requirements
  • Battery-Management UART Protocol: Daisy-Chain Up to 32 Devices, Communication Port Isolation, Up to 2Mbps Baud Rate (Autodetect), Packet-Error Checking (PEC)
  • Factory-Trimmed Oscillators (No External Crystals Required)
  • Two Time-of-Day Alarms
  • Countdown Timer with Repeat and Pause Functions
  • 64-Byte RAM for User Data Storage
  • Integrated Protection
  • Power-on Reset for Default Configuration
  • Automatic Switchover to Backup Battery or Supercapacitor on Power-Fail
  • Lockup-Free Operation with Bus Timeout


  • Battery Packs
  • Battery Systems
  • Electric Bikes
  • Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Vehicle (HEV)
  • High-Power Battery Backup Systems
  • High-Voltage, Multi-Cell Series-Stacked- Power Tools
  • SuperCap Backup Systems

ADI Power management controller MAX17823B

ADI-Power-management-controller-MAX17823B datasheet