Key features

  • Four Complete Step-Down Switching Power Supplies
  • Low Noise Silent Switcher® Architecture
  • CISPR22 Class B Compliant
  • CISPR25 Class 5 Compliant


  • Automated Test Equipment
  • Industrial Supplies
  • Medical Equipment

ADI-Amplifier IC-ADA4099-1

The ADA4099-1 and ADA4099-2 are single/dual robust, precision, rail-to-rail input/output operational amplifiers (op amps) with inputs that operate from −VS to +VS and beyond...

ADI ADA4530 Femtoampere Input Bias Current Electrometer Amplifier

The ADA4530-1 is a femtoampere (10−15 A) level input bias
current operational amplifier suitable for use as an electrometer
that also includes an integrated guard ...