Key features

  • Amazon FreeRTOS enabled, ready for use in designs powered by AWS
  • LPC54018 power-efficient Microcontroller Units (MCUs) with advanced peripherals based on Arm® Cortex®-M4 Core, running at 180 MHz
  • High speed USB device port
  • Longsys IEEE802.11b/g/n module based on Qualcomm GT1216
  • Macronix 128 Mb flash (MX25L12835FM2)
  • User LED
  • External debug probe connector can be used to connect NXP (LPC-Link2), SEGGER, P&E Micro, and other popular ARM Cortex compatible probes
  • Reset button


  • IoT

NXP LPC54018 MCU-based IoT Module with FreeRTOS