Key features

  • Smallest, highly integrated 802.11ad solution
  • Industry-leading throughput (4.6 Gbps PHY) with low power consumption
  • Supports up to eight simultaneous RF modules for unparalleled coverage and range. Each RF module packs 32 antennas in a small package enabling up to 30 dBi of directivity and implements QTI beam forming technology
  • Supports receive diversity to improve quality and reliability of wireless interface
  • Supports two physical PCIe generation 2.0 ports
  • Supports a SPI interface to connect to an external FLASH for storing product configuration information
  • Requires only a single coaxial connection to the RF module
  • Supports FST, which enables fast transparent switching between WLAN bands to deal with user mobility, dynamic channel conditions, and so on
  • Supports control PHY modulation, which can detect and decode signals in ultra-low SNRs, lower than 0 dB


  • Smart Home
  • Indoor Lighting