Key features

  • Multi-Core DeltaMax, optimized for compute
  • HemiDelta, optimized for low power
  • Audio Interfaces Up to 4x PDM Digital Microphones- 2 stereo
  • inputs, 4x mono inputs, and 1 stereo output
  • supporting clock rates up to 6.144 MHz
  • Up to 3x I2S/TDM ports supporting 8
  • channels each of 32-bit audio data using a 24.576 MHz input clock
  • Control Interfaces SPI, I2C, UART, available GPIOs.
  • System Requirements IA8201BC 1.8V Vdd
  • IA8201CQ 1.8V Vdd and 3.3V Vdd
  • Packaging Options eWLB 3.00x2.6x0.715mm, 0.4 pitch, 42 ball
  • Up to 3x I2S/TDM ports supporting 8


  • Smart Security