Enlit Australia – 16 to 17 Mar (MCEC, Melbourne)

Visit us at stand A22

Enlit Australia is bringing together leading voices from Australia’s energy industry. Join the experts who are shaping our future as we discuss the current trends and transitions we’re seeing across sectors.

Enlit vows to light the spark that will fuel the change we need to ensure our industry – and our planet – have the brightest possible future.

Enlit is a series of energy events unlike any other – because they are more than just energy events. Enlit is a community that for 365-days a year will collaborate and innovate to solve the most pressing energy-related issues.

For the Australian edition, the Enlit community will come together for two days in Melbourne in March to meet and inspire each other and to develop their discussions and actions into a plan for the coming year.

And so the Enlit circle begins: a constantly growing, inclusive and end-to-end forum that addresses every aspect of Australia’s energy transition.

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Ultra-low Power Processor and Non-Volatile Memory System Design Strategies for IoT, Handheld, and Wearable Applications

With the growth of IoT, handhelds, and wearables, there is a broad trend towards ultra-low power (ULP) applications, where the key focus is on extending battery life.

This webinar, hosted by Macronix and Ambiq, will discuss with attendees in more detail, what is driving the industry-wide shift towards ultra-low power, and what the microprocessor and non-volatile memory (NVM) are doing to go beyond normal boundaries to meet these market demands.

Attendees will learn:
  • The growth in the ULP microcontroller and NVM markets
  • Key market segments that will be the primary contributors to this growth
  • Why these market segments are driving the push towards low power
  • What microcontroller and NVM solution providers are doing to best address this market requirement
  • Design strategies being implemented to optimize power consumption

Audience members may arrive 15 minutes in advance of this time.

* This webinar will be available in India, ASEAN and ANZ regions, please note the time difference to attend the webinar. 

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