High Performance Audio Processors for Voice-Controlled Appliances in Smart Home

High-performance audio processors enable streamlined development of a variety of frontend voice-controlled devices used in Smart Home such as security cameras, smart appliances and sound-monitoring IoT sensors. In this webinar, you will learn about Microchip’s Timberwolf family of audio processors and how their innovative AcuEdge™ acoustic technology can deliver superior speech recognition performance in noisy environments over an extended detection range. You will then be introduced to various custom-built development tools that can help you jumpstart your product design. This will be followed by a live Q&A session.


  • Introduce Microchip and Timberwolf history.
  • Market analysis of voice-controlled devices
  • Technical features of Timberwolf family of audio processors
  • Applications
  • Development tools and evaluation board
  • Demonstration
  • Questions and Answers (“Q&A”) session

For further queries please contact

Steven Li – steven.li@excelpoint.com.sg

Chia Hun Piau – chia.hun.piau@excelpoint.com.sg

Future Mobility Asia 2022

Get access to Asia's entire clean mobility value chain

Future Mobility Asia (FMA) 2022, hosted by the Ministry of Energy, Thailand, will take place at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC), from 20 – 22 July 2022.

Asia will play a major part in the global shift to clean mobility. This integrated exhibition and conference will compress insights, networking and product showcases into 3 days, allowing direct access to all major global stakeholders in this fast-growing market. 

For further queries please contact

Henry Chua – HenryChua@dmgevents.com

Smart Nation Expo 2022

Malaysia’s Biggest Tech Show
  • 5G
  • Smart Cities
  • IR4.0
  • ICT
  • Cybersecurity
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Applications and Solutions


Pre-registration opens for SMART NATION EXPO 2022 for FREE ADMISSION and SAVE RM20 !

Introduction to ZYNQ UltraScale – Design tools and Building Simple Petalinux System

Webinar I - ZYNQ Ultrascale MPSoC architecture overview, Designing with IP Integrator, Build a system and export the hardware to Vitis.

Date   |   30th August, 2022

Time   |  1-2 P.M. VIC/NSW, 3-4 P.M. NZ

The Webinar will provide an overview of the AMD Xilinx ZYNQ Ultrascale plus architecture and family. 

This is followed by an introduction to designing using the Vivado IP integrator.

We will then create and customize a MPSoC system using Vivado and IP Integrator , build and implement the FPGA design, and perform the hardware handoff for further software.  

Webinar II - Application of the hardware system designed using Vitis. The webinar will showcase how to build bare metal applications and interact with system peripherals and monitor AXI bus transactions.

Date   |  2nd September, 2022

Time   | 1-2 P.M. VIC/NSW, 3-4 P.M. NZ

In this Webinar, we will, over the course of approximately one hour, provide an introduction to Vitis SDK. Then using the hardware designed in Webinar session I, we will build and run a bare-metal application with Vitis SDK on the MPSoC’s Application Processor Unit and the  R5 processor unit.

This will then set us up nicely for the third Webinar.

Webinar III - Using a system designed in session 1, we build an embedded Linux system using Peta Linux, boot it and enable functions like Ethernet

Date   | 7th September, 2022

Time   | 1-2 P.M. VIC/NSW, 3-4 P.M. NZ

In this Webinar, we will, over the course of approximately one hour, provide an introduction to Petalinux.

Following this, we build an embedded Linux system based on the hardware designed in Webinar I (used in the previous two webinars).
Then we will boot Linux on the hardware designed.

For further queries please contact jamie.pegg@excelpoint.com

ams-OSRAM Technical Forum on Optical Technology

ams-OSRAM invites you to join their inaugural technical forum on optical technology following the one year anniversary of ams and OSRAM merger. In this forum, learn about the latest optical technology that brings together innovations from the fields of sensing, light source and visualisation. You will be introduced to an extensive range of optical sensing products and their applications in the market – from consumer electronics to automobile, and industrial. As a market leader in optical sensing technology, ams-OSRAM strives to help their customers find the most innovative solution for their product design needs.